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Welcome to my blog dedicated to novels, especially those of the romance variety. I will be posting a few posts a week. Ranging from reviews, discussion posts, memes and author interviews. I’ll mix it up and keep it fresh and interesting. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and feelings… definitely feelings, on all the books I read. I will be honest, always. I will be passionate, silly, and descriptive, so be prepared. I will mostly be reviewing Romance novels, especially from the likes of Meghan Quinn and Samantha Whiskey – meaning it will be steamy. It won’t all be steamy however. I love a sweet romance with yearning, near touches and of course, all the swoons. There will also be an occasional fantasy. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and also hearing your thoughts and feelings! Above all, lets keep it happy and positive vibes. After all, this is romance we’re talking about here.

Discussion Topic – My Favorite Books

Over my life, I’ve read over 250 books (not counting school requirements ha). I will not be counting all those books. Instead, I will start the count from the moment I realized I loved romance novels. That would be high school, with Twilight… I KNOW! But seriously, don’t knock those books, they’re a thousand times better than the movies. 
ANYWAY. Over those thirteen years, I have read roughly 150 books. Among those 150 books, these are my favorite:

  1. Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen
  2. Better Than the Movies – Lynn Painter
  3. The Virgin Romance NovRead More


– organized by my favorites within each category –

Baseball Romances:

College Romances:

Football Romances:

High School Romances:

  • Better Than The Movies – Lynn Painter
  • Hopeless – Colleen Hoover
  • A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime – Monica Murphy
  • Dibs – Randi Rigby

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